About Sammamish Heritage

The Sammamish Heritage Society is committed to helping residents and visitors learn and understand our rich past. Our mission is to "discover, document and preserve the history of Sammamish" and we do that in several ways: we collect artifacts and oral histories, host lectures, provide interactive experiences and connect people with history.

The Sammamish Heritage Society is a non-profit (501c3) organization, established in 1999 to preserve the history, heritage, and integrity of Sammamish, Washington. The Society was started with the idea to help residents and visitors to our city learn and understand about the diverse history of Sammamish.

The inaugural meeting of the Sammamish Heritage Society was held in April 1999 at the Paula Lillevand Cottage in the Beaver Lake Colony. At the first Sammamish Neighbor Day celebration in May 1999, the group presented a photographic display of the area's history.



We are restoring the historic Reard Freed House, a 19th century farm house, to engage the community in local history and allow a glimpse into the past through exhibits and displays.

Reard House Before Reard House After

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In 2015, Sammamish Heritage Society was given a grant by 4Culture to do an intensive survey of historic properties built between 1888 and 1941 in Sammamish. The purpose was to provide information for the City of Sammamish, King County Historic Preservation Program, the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, property owners and other interested parties, to make informed decisions about the treatment of significant historic properties. Volunteers conduced site visits, filled out field forms, interviewed residents, photographed and did historic research on all 155 properties. Results of survey can be found below, along with the website database WISAARD.

2018 John D. Spellman Award

2018 John D. Spellman Award

Sammamish Heritage Society received a 2018 John D. Spellman Award. Each year this award is presented by the King County Executive. The Awards are named for Governor John D. Spellman who was King County's first Executive Officer and responsible for the creation of the King County Historic Preservation Program and Landmarks Commission.


Monthly Meetings

We usually meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 at the Reard House in Big Rock Park Central Hope to see you there!

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The Sammamish Heritage Society would like to express their appreciation and recognize the following organizations, businesses and individuals for their contributions.

The City of Sammamish
Doug Anderson
Jack Barker
Lou Tanska Bischoff
Phil Doherty
Ruby Eddy
Eric Erickson
Dirk Forbes
Rose Harig
Tom Hitzroth
Chris Klineburger
Duane Isackson
Mick Macko
Lorraine Isackson Mills
Faye Sween
Paul Thomas
James T. Windle