During the first years of the 20th century, resorts were a haven for the settlers of Sammamish and visitors from Seattle who were attracted by its small lakes and secluded forests. Resorts grew slowly due to the lack of built roads on the plateau. When roads improved in the 1930s, it was a fun and busy time around Beaver and Pine lakes.


Beaver Lake

The first permanent residents on Beaver Lake were Jake and Nora Lott, who came from Vancouver, B.C. By 1922, the Lotts were renting boats to fishermen. They also operated a small store and dance hall. By the mid-1920s the Beaver Lake Amusement Park was operating on the southwest shore of the lake.

In 1932 Gus and Lulu Bartels bought a large piece of waterfront land on the southwest shore and established the Four Seasons Resort, also known as Bartel's Resort. The resort was sold to the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle in 1960 for use by the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO.) The CYO established a youth camp there called Camp Cabrini. Camp Cabrini operated until 1985, when King County purchased the site for a park, now known as Beaver Lake Park.

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